Improve Patient Outcomes With Data-Driven Insights & Interventions

Set Your Parameters

We allow you to track & monitor health parameters for your clients and KPIs for your health professionals.

Insightful Data Reports

Custom real-time data reports on engagement, performance and sentiment analysis.

Predict Outcomes

Use retrospective data to make data-driven interventions and predict client outcomes

About Us

We are a personalised, data-driven health platform

We are passionate about tracking and utilising data to improve patient & client outcomes.

We pride ourselves on delivering a truly unique, personalised experience for each clinic, health club, GP and hospital we work with. We place patient & client care above all else and are committed to ensuring every health partner has a longstanding history of delivering exceptional care and of course, reproducible results.

Our service extends further by setting new benchmarks in machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and data visualisation so you can make data-driven interventions and predictive analyses. We are based at the Imperial Innovation Hub working alongside the Data Science Institute.

Wecudos has been crafted by pioneering
health experts & leaders from the following institutions:
Why Is Data The Future Of Health?
Engage Your Clients In New,
Innovative Ways

How engaged are your clients? What is your retention rate? Our research has shown that there is a 50% improvement in client engagement and retention with a health & fitness professional when the main communication channel was an Instant Messaging platform. Track large volumes of client engagement data and drive follow ups and retention rates.

Validate Your Care Pathways

What makes you different to your competitors? By tracking your client data, you have a powerful tool to help your business stay ahead of competitors and set the gold standard for your health professionals and management teams to follow. Cold hard data is a better indicator of your track record than just testimonials.

Performance & Quality Assurance

Are all patients & clients receiving the same quality of care? In order to scale your health service, you need a high level view of the performances of not only your health professionals but also their client bases. By recording client-professional interaction data you can ensure a consistently high standard of care.

Make Data-Driven Interventions

Are you tracking the key progress parameters that measure outcomes? Our real-time data insights will help you understand your client base no matter how big or small, allowing for effective evidence-based interventions to be made. Offering data-driven personalised care will make your clients feel special and drive referrals to your business.

Scale Your Care Pathways Efficiently

How are you planning to expand and scale your service? Tracking data and gleaning useful insights allows you to automate certain operational and workflow processes. This significantly improves efficiency and can help reduce the signifiant cost and risk associated with scaling any health service.

Boost Trust With New Client Interactions

Are you helping to regulate your industry? What differentiates you from the thousands of other health providers available? By understanding the importance of tracking data and implementing it in your service, you will be recognised as a leading data-driven healthcare provider that offers quality care and that patients and clients can trust.

Track, Analyse And Transform Your Health Service, Today

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